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Clearing your energy body allows you to move with more grace and freedom. Feel empowered to move towards a brighter future.  Find out how much lighter you can feel.  

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Chakra Balancing

 Develop a deeper understanding of your chakras and what holding patterns are blocking your optimal flow of chi force energy through your body.

Clear Your Energy Body

Your intention guides this healing session.  Understand health, wealth, love or career challenges on a deeper level.  Illuminate each chakra to understand how your energy body is shaping your reality in regards to your circumstance.  Alchemize low vibing and blocked areas to raise your vibration.  You will feel a shift in your confidence and well-being.  Move forward with more ease and grace today.  

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Energy medicine is a subtle yet powerful.  It allows one to heal without speaking, doing or being anything.  The simple act of receiving is enough.  The energy has an intelligence of it's own and is able to move where it is needed and release what is heavy.  A soothing warmth is felt that allows any pain and  stress to subside. The result is feeling well rested, feeling lighter and shining your light brighter.