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Create a Beautiful Birth

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Make Your Birth Beautiful  

Create a birth experience you want to look back upon.

Have the support you deserve from the beginning of your birth story and throughout your transition into motherhood.

Pregnant woman enjoying a back massage f

The Diva Package


Feel supported as you create a beautiful birth experience.   

Holistic coaching will ensure that you master self-care, and lifestyle habits that will support

you and baby. 

Consistent massage therapy will allow you to relax througout your pregnancy.



Support During Labor


Have the support you deserve for the birth you want.

Doula support reduces interventions and c-sections and can reduce the length of labor.  Your birth partner will appreciate the expertise your doula brings and also benefit from the support offered.

9 hours


massage therapy


Increase the flow of nutrients and oygen to the baby and mamma's tired muscles and reduce the negative effects of stess, allowing both of them to receive the benefits of massage and increase well-being.


hours may be used as the Goddess desires (minimum 1 hour per session)

Holistic Coaching


We will spend time unveiling your wishes and clarifying goals and will celebrate all the little victories as you make your way to the best version of yourself.

Once a week you will share your challenges and wins.  Together we will applaud what works and find ways to make the challenges easier to manage.

Soul Session


spiritual counseling session dedicated to providing personlized guidance to increase your connection to universal divine energy.  As each individual is unique so are these sessions.  They may include energy healing techniques, guided meditations or channeled messages.


Safe, Sacred

Self-Care Rituals


Your beliefs and values manifest into self-care rituals to honor the goddess you are.

Strengthen your connection to frequencies that make you feel more alive and radiant.

Increase your self-worth and mindful presence.

Birth Art Journey


A guided meditation to aid you in clarifying your fears and desires about birth.  Choose a template to work from or create an original art piece with colored pencils (or art materials that you provide).

Postpartum Pamper Session


Transition into motherhood with ease.  Enjoy a massage in your home and a restorative soak afterward while a home cooked meal is prepared.

Infant Massage Lesson


A private lesson to enhance bonding with your baby.  Empower them at an early age with body awareness and positive boundaries.  Increase circulation and promote exercise.  Learn how to settle an upset tummy with gentle touch.

2 Prenatal Visits


Take some time out and get comfortable with your doula and share your birth plan.  Your preferences will be discussed and comfort measures will be demonstrated to you and your birth partner.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions and share concerns.  Your doula may be able to provide solutions to common challenges or can help you find other resources.

Postpartum Visit


A friendly visit to ensure you are feeling confident and vibrant.  Have all your questions answered about caring for your newborn.  Retell your birth story and acknowledge the strength and power you demonstrated and the beauty of your birth. 

Feel Supported and Create a Beautiful Birth


Save almost $500 by bundling the services this package offers.

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