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Doula Services

What can I Doula For You?

Feel supported in your journey as you go through life transitions.  Having a baby can be a magical or an anxiety-ridden time in your life.  A doula can make a positive difference in your birth experience as well as your pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Doulas bring a broad set of skills and experience to their practice.

Doulas are trained professionals that  help you clarify your desires, know your options, and provide comfort measures to allow you to move forward with ease and confidence.

I am here to make life's transitions easier. Helping you relax, clarify what you want, and create a beautiful and empowering birth experience.


Optimize your body's ability to manifest and carry your baby as you relax, center and prepare.


Have the support you deserve from conception through birth.  Create the birth plan that fits you and your baby.


Adjust with ease as you transition to caretaking for your baby and balancing other responsibilities and self-care.

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