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Sacred Ceremonies Customized for Your Occassion

Marriages and More

Proclaim your love the way you want to with those you want.  It's all about what feels right to you.

From official marriages or tying hand ceremonies, the options are unlimited. or customizing the perfect 

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Maiden to Mother

Pause and take time to Honor the change from Maiden to Mother.

This ceremony pays tribute to the years that came before and embraces your strengths, dreams, supportive networks and memories to be made.

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Mother and Child

Baby Blessings

Honor the addition of new family members with a non-denominational blessing honoring our Divine connection to All that is and their unique role in the Universe.

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Image by Gigin Krishnan



The perfect way to celebrate change and bring in new blessings  for a home, business or relationship.  

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Despacho translates to dispatch.  This bearutiful ceremony originated in Peru.  Dried goods are given symbolic meaning and laid out  with great gratitude and precision in a beautiful spread to capture the intentions of the participants.  It is all wrapped up and placed in a  sacred fire allowing the prayers to travel on the ethers into the cosmos for our ancestors to hear and carry out.

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