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a ministry for women

Transition with Ease

Via the Highest Degree of Love

Body, Art and Soul is a ministry for women providing tools, resources and empowerment to ease the transition through all of life's stages.

We believe that a holistic approach to knowing oneself allows you to make the best choices for your body, mind and spirit.  

We offer support to realizing optimal health (Body), tools to dive into and enhance your creativity (Art), and guidance on how to strengthen your own unique connection to Divine Source (Soul).

Guided by Intuition, Grounded by Science

Biofield therapy is leading the way in non-invasive and addiction free treatment for pain management, depression, anxiety. 

Find out how it can help you today.

Schedule a consult.

Share your story in sacred space.  

Spiritual Counseling integrates positive psychology methods with channeled guidance and biofield therapies to offer tools for rapid growth and transformation.

Weddings, Blessings, & More!

Create a customized celebration to honor the life transitions you have traversed and all you have accomplished.

Find out how good you can feel.

Unite your body,mind and soul and rise to a new level of well being.

Take the first step today.

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